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Sharing the world's expertise - one personal connection at a time

Find your people

Find your people

Match with experts, mentors, colleagues and peers, worldwide.

Work together

Work together

Tackle your specific day-to-day challenges and learn as you go.

Build your network

Build your network

Create your own global network and give back by helping others.


Connect with the right people.
At the right time.

TEX builds an in-depth map of your expertise and helps you fill in the gaps. Our complex algorithms use your skills and goals to match you with the people you need.


Gain experience
while you work

Push your personal boundaries and try new ideas with an expert by your side. You'll expand your knowledge, future-proof your career - and get your work done.


Rub shoulders with giants.

Lend others yours.

As you meet more industry leaders, freelancers, NFPs and colleagues, your network will grow. You can share your own expertise too - for free, or a fee.

Unleash your company's expertise

Drive digital transformation, support your customers, link up internal teams and partner organisations, train future hires, reach underrepresented groups and track your social impact.

All in one place.

One platform. Your choice of commercial structure. A brighter future for all.

We're redefining how the world works.

Are you in?

If you're a self-confessed lifelong learner, have experience to share, or want to redefine how your company partners with others, we'd love to hear from you.

TEX Logo

Sharing the world’s experience. One personal connection at a time.

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