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Sharing the world’s expertise one personal connection at a time

Connect one-to-one with some of the best digital minds in the world. We’ve revolutionised the way people upskill, learn and share their expertise.

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The Experience Exchange for Everyone.


Personal, one-to-one live connections to tech giants, phenomenal freelancers and digital specialists of every kind. Get quick answers, develop your skills and find long-term mentors.


Build your personal hive of experts, peers and mentors. And use our clever skills recommendation engine to plan your development. You might be upskilling in one area while you exchange expertise in another.


A space where you create a meaningful network and access the best digital knowledge - first-hand for everyone, from anywhere. TEX Share allows experts and organisations to easily donate hours to pay it forward.

We're redefining upskilling. Are you in?

Whether we’ve piqued your interest as an investor, a digital pro or a lifelong learner, we want to hear from you.

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TEX.inc is an open video-based marketplace that enables real-time learning and upskilling by connecting people one-to-one with the right expert, at the right time. Through TEX, individuals and organisations work together to solve current business challenges, grow talent and thrive in the digital world.

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